salmon nigiri R59,00

2 pieces salmon nigiri

tuna nigiri R49,00

2 pieces tuna nigiri

line fish nigiri R39,00

2 pieces line fish nigiri

prawn nigiri R35,00

2 pieces prawn nigiri

unagi nigiri R99,00

2 pieces eel nigiri

tomago nigiri R29,00

2 pieces tomago (traditional japanese omelette) nigiri

lumpfish caviar nigiri R35,00

2 pieces lumpfish caviar nigiri

spicy tuna nigiri R55,00

2 pieces spicy tuna nigiri

crabstick nigiri R29,00

2 pieces crab stick nigiri

ikura nigiri (salmon roe) R99,00

2 pieces ikura (salmon roe) nigiri

salmon aburi style nigiri R79,00

2 pieces aburi style salmon nigiri with sesame oil‭, ‬7‭ ‬spice‭, ‬japanese mayo‭, ‬teriyaki sauce‭, ‬spring onion and micro greens

tuna aburi style nigiri R65,00

2 pieces flame torched salmon nigiri with peanut sauce‭, ‬teriyaki‭, ‬salt and pepper‭, ‬toasted almond flakes and micro greens

linefish aburi style nigiri R55,00

2 pieces linefish flame torched sashimi with sesame oil‭, ‬spring onions‭, ‬teriyaki sauce‭, ‬jalapeno‭, ‬and coriander

salmon tartare inari sushi R99,00

wrapped in pickled bean curd, dressed with sweet sauce‭, ‬7‭ ‬spice‭, ‬japanese mayo and onion chips

prawn inari sushi R75,00

wrapped in pickled bean curd, dressed with japanese mayo‭, ‬7‭ ‬spice‭, ‬sesame oil‭, ‬crispy leeks and micro greens

smashed avo inari sushi R59,00

wrapped in pickled bean curd and dressed with sesame oil‭, ‬almond flakes‭, ‬onion chips and sesame seeds  

traditional inari sushi R45,00

rice balls wrapped in pickled bean curd dressed with japanese mayo and sesame seeds

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